San Gennaro, Lucca - Tuscany


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Welcome to San Gennaro, a village located 300 meters above sea level in the province of Lucca. Surrounded by the hills of Lucca, is surrounded by green olive groves, vineyards and woods just above the chestnut and beech.

Ideal as a destination for relaxation, a chance to walk in the countryside, to discover the traditions, art and culture. For our guests a large garden at west overlooking the plain of Lucca, where you can enjoy the sunny days and see great sunsets.

From the village of San Gennaro is possible to reach the city of Lucca in 15 minutes, or get to Collodi, the host country of the Pinocchio park in just 5 minutes.

14-15 May 2016 Ville in fiore - Manifestazione
26 July 2016 Estate in Villa - Concerto pianista ungherese Karoly Mocsari
25 September 1-2 October 2016 Mi sposo in Villa - Manifestazione